SOS Health Foundation

Supporting Australians in need

Did you know one in eight Australian’s live below the poverty line? Financially disadvantaged Australian’s come from all walks of life but are over-represented in indigenous communities, single parents, the unemployed and the elderly.

People living in poverty often suffer greater levels of physical and mental health issues. And those living in remote communities are further disadvantaged by having limited or no access to holistic health services such as physiotherapy and allied health.

The SOS Health Foundation mobilises volunteer physiotherapists and other health professionals to improve the health and ability of people in need across Australia.

Revita is proud of our dedicated work with the Foundation, assisting people in local and remote communities through physiotherapy and allied health support. Our physio’s use their skills to benefit those that most need our assistance and who would otherwise not have the means or the opportunity for quality rehabilitation and care.

We support the SOS Health Foundation because we believe health and a sense of wellbeing are important goals for all Australians. And because all people matter.