Allied Health

Our holistic approach to the physical and emotional wellbeing of seniors gives residents innovative, comprehensive and evidence-based solutions to improve their wellbeing. Our allied health services include:

Occupational therapy

Revita’s occupational therapists work side-by-side with our physios to help re-enable residents to participate in the tasks they need to do, and support them in the activities that are enjoyable to them.

Occupational therapy plays an important role in regaining abilities, managing pain, or modifying the environment to better support the resident’s participation in everyday life.

Our occupational therapy service includes:

  • Goal centred occupational therapy to manage rehabilitation post hospital admission
  • Education and intervention strategies
  • Personalised approach which considers resident’s preferences and interests
  • Assessment of personal care such as showering and eating Aids and equipment prescription such as seating, shower chair and modified food and drink utensils


Keeping feet healthy and comfortable goes a long way towards the overall comfort and wellbeing of the elderly. Our podiatrists can be called upon to conduct individual assessments and develop plans to monitor and treat a range of needs including:

  • Routine podiatric care
  • Wound treatment and monitoring
  • Treatment and monitoring of diabetic foot care
  • Prescription of foot appliances for pain management
  • Footwear assessment to prevent foot problems and reduce the risk of falls

Revita’s evidence-based podiatry service improves mobility, reduces pain, and helps prevent pain and injury re-occurrence.


Malnutrition can, unfortunately, be a common health issue for the elderly. Loss of appetite due to depression, difficulty communicating with carers, and the physical inability to feed themselves are all factors contributing to insufficient nutrition and weight loss.

Our dietitians work closely with individual residents and facility staff to identify and address underlying issues leading to poor nutrition and develop effective interventions. We also provide guidance and advice on managing chronic health issues such as diabetes.

Our dietetics service includes:

  • Individual reviews and menu advice
  • Menu planning
  • Diabetes management
  • Food service management and waste management
  • In-house education sessions

Eating a healthy, balanced diet improves physical and emotional wellbeing at any age. Our dietitians are passionate about helping your seniors achieve the greatest quality of life possible.